Join us for a Sweet Ride Bicycle Festival!

Inaugural Sweet Ride Bicycle Festival Encourages Riders to Explore Reno’s Sweetest Spots on Bicycles and Burn More Calories than They Consume RENO, Nev.

Building Parklets & Community Value | Nellie Davis | TEDxReno

  How can public space give value to a community? As our city experiences a powerful growth, it's every citizens responsibility to stand up for creating vibrancy, in other ways than just adding more people.

Photo Set: Ribbon Cutting w/ Mayor Hillary Schieve

Photos by About Town Deb & Reno Engineering Co.

RGJ: Reno’s second urban parklet open for sittin’, eatin’, drinkin’, chillin’

Reno's urban cool factor went up this week when a second parklet opened on Roff Way behind Arlington Towers near Our Bar and the Reno Collective.

Construction is Under Way on Roff Parklet!

On Wednesday, we bagged the meters and put up cones to begin building the Roff Parklet.

Inspiration: SF Parklet Timelapses

Matt McIver recently returned from a trip to San Francisco's Mission District where he recorded the social interaction of their parklets using a photo timelapse technique.

House of Genius Reno, Hosted ‘Roff Way Parklet’

"House of Genius, Reno hosted 'Roff Way Parklet' as one of their Summer session community presentations.