A quasi-public approach to beautifying our neighborhood in Reno, NV.


To design and build a sustainable parklet. Parklets not only emphasize social interaction in thriving areas with attractions, restaurants and shops but also encourage walking and cycling. In turn, supporting local ground level businesses. A parklet would serve as an additional welcome venue and gathering place for locals and tourists alike, enhancing the downtown core and Midtown District.


To create a parklet environment that serves as a functional, easy to use, but aesthetically attractive feature that is both enjoyable but equally engaging. Parklets repurpose part of the street parking into a safe, accessible, public setting to sit and enjoy a vibrant neighborhood. Many also offer amenities like planters, street art and bike parking.

What is a Parklet?

A parklet is a change of just two parking spaces. Often incorporating greenery, seating, bike parking and more, these spaces are placed in urban areas. Not only do they create social vibrancy, they increase pedestrian and bicycle traffic and help benefit businesses near by.

Is this a waste of tax dollars?

This project is privately funded by local businesses and citizens.

What about the bums?

Vagrants are often a problem for every city. Our Alley has had our fair share of interesting characters. But with cleaning up our alley, installing an attractive destination and having visitors like you, we can work together to drive out blight.

It’s not always what you would think, either! We currently have a homeless man that is dedicated to protecting and cleaning the space in trade. 

Who will maintain it?

The Roff Parklet is a quasi-public approach to beautifying our city. The businesses & investors who have contributed to funding this project, have made this Our Alley coalition and are dedicated to maintaining the installation throughout it’s life.




Incorporating another visual aesthetic to Our Alley is a beautiful mural by Erik Burke. This internationally known artist is based out of Reno, NV and his work ties the elements of the alley together bringing local trout species scaling the walls of Imperial Bar & Lounge.


Organized community clean-up days and visitors from far and near help make this a desirable destination. Adding vibrancy to our community helps reduce trash, pollution, vagrancy and brings a greater overall quality of life to Reno.



Our Alley Parklet & Mural

We have a goal to create community value through a unique community space here in Reno, NV. Our Alley, located on Roff Way, is striving to clean up the area and make it a destination for locals & tourists to enjoy. With your help we can achieve greater things in our neighborhood. Your generosity is highly appreciated and will contribute to Reno's first parklet, a mural, organized cleanup days and other interactive elements to help make Our Alley shine.

Donation Tiers:

Intern - $100



  • Social media mention
  • Commemorative Tshirt

Park Ranger - $500


  • Social media & web mention
  • Commemorative Tshirt
  • Parklet Thank You Gift

Deputy Park Director - $1,000


  • Social media & web mention
  • Commemorative Tshirt
  • Parklet Thank You gift
  • Name Listing on Supporting Members parklet plaque
  • VIP Invite to ribbon cutting event


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